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from November 1, 2023 Blog

The Willing Isolationist

Those who know don’t talk.

Those who talk don’t know.

Close your mouth,

block off your senses,

blunt your sharpness,

untie your knots,

soften your glare,

settle your dust.

This is the primal identity.

Be like the Tao.

It can’t be approached or withdrawn from, benefited or harmed,

honored or brought into disgrace.

It gives itself up continually.

That is why it endures.

- famous quote by Lao Tzu,

from the Tao Te Ching verse 56

from November 1, 2023 Blog

The Willing Isolationist

"The Hermit" by Alan Parton

I have barred the doors.

Of the place where I bide,

I am old and afraid 

Of the world outside.

How the poor souls cry

In the cold and the rain,

I have blocked my ears,

They shall call me in vain.

If I peer through the cracks

Hardly daring draw breath,

They are waiting there still

Patient as death.

The maimed and the sick

The tortured of soul,

Arms outstretched as if 

I could help them be whole.

No shaft of the sun

My hiding shall find,

Get them outside

I am deaf, I am blind.

Who will drive them away,

Who will ease me my dread,

Who will shout to the fools 

"He is dead! he is dead!"?

Sometimes they knock

At the place where I hide,

I am old and afraid

Of the world outside.

Do they think, do they dream

I will open the door?"

Let the world in

And know peace no more. 

From October 1, 2023 Blog

Fools Are Everywhere!

"Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."

This proverb means if someone takes advantage of me twice, I only have myself to blame. Once someone has shown themselves untrustworthy, you should not be surprised when they betray you again.

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