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Tips to Make the Most of Your Intuition.

Wisdom traditions talk about intuition as one's inner voice. Mystics see it as a channel of divine communication. Develop it and your perceptions of the everyday, ordinary world will deepen. This capacity, which we all possess, is vital to recognize an important phenomenon in life which Swiss psychoanalyst and psychiatrist Karl Jung called "synchronicity". It addresses an acausal or non-causal connection between a simultaneous outer occurrence and one's inner thoughts and even the dreams we have during sleep.

A more commonly used phrase for these events is "meaningful coincidences". In this blog, I want to focus on them in the context of using one's intuition. They are important moments which can lead you in profound directions and better your life when you take notice and trust your intuitive capabilities. As personal guideposts they can activate one's passion and drive you to fulfill your desires. I consider them a form of miracle. Certainly, they are extraordinary in a world where physics is based on the laws of cause and effect.

Here are a few tips to make the most of your intuition.

1. Pay attention when you might normally say, "What are the odds of that happening." Generally, this is how we express an unexpected event or experience. Most folks don't consider the statement a question but more like an excited utterance. Perhaps a statistician will talk about probabilities. The important point is to not treat these occurrences flippantly or as happenstance.

Of course, we all love those happy chance meetings or phone calls from someone you were just thinking about. Synchronicity implies something deeper, hence the concept of meaningful. This concurrent inner/outer phenomenon can be accompanied by an “aha” moment. Insights gleaned from the event help align one's authenticity, and personal destiny. 

2. Ask yourself, "What am I supposed to do or learn right now?" Have intentions when you greet the world each morning. Even if it is just to find a path forward when there seems none at all. After experiencing a meaningful coincidence think deeply about what just occurred and be ruthlessly honest with yourself. Then test your observations, deductions, and hunches with investigations and research. Don't get too depressed if things do not go your way, right away. A response might not come in a ordinary verbal type answer when the intuition is activated. This is why it is important to recognize patterns not only in the form of favorite words, but also numbers, images, or symbols that occur in your everyday work world and in your dreams. Gain an understanding of common definitions for particular symbols that resonate with you. Of course, after you grasp the traditional meaning rely on your unique or quirky interpretation based on your experiences.

My interest in symbols includes studies in anthropology, dream work, and as a tarot reader. I can suggest an excellent reference source, "Illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols" by J. C. Cooper. In his introduction to the book, Cooper states, "The study of symbolism is not mere erudition; it concerns man's knowledge of himself. Symbolism is an instrument of knowledge and the most ancient and fundamental method of expression, one which reveals aspects of reality which escape other modes of expression."

3. Begin to journal your dreams and synchronistic moments. If you are someone who comprehends information visually, writing down the phenomena of meaningful coincidences can help develop your ability to perceive. Also keep a record of your dreams. I did for years. In your notes try to re-live the events in your imagination and remember how you felt. Your emotional sentiments are important to evaluate. When you can identify your feelings, you can recognize them in others and become a more empathic, intuitive person.

4. Trust your intuitions and then take actions to express your intention. Pay attention to your inner dialogue to distinguish your wisdom voice from a fearful, self-deprecating one. Believe in your "gut instincts". It is an aspect of your intuition. Then follow through with what feels right. When you recognize personal patterns in life, at the least, they can provide assurances you are on the right path or warn of dangers ahead. For example, one of my favorite numbers is 55. While driving it might coincidentally show up on the license plates of other cars, and I am comforted by seeing it. However, on its own it is not an instance of "synchronicity", which is a simultaneously non-causal inner and outer happening of significant proportions. Learn to perceive the difference between it and simple coincidences. They can be happy-making or informative, such as to stay away from someone or some place, but they are not transformative.

When motivated from within and not by external fads and fancies we develop confidence in our intuitive abilities. Respect yourself for sharpening your skills. My memoir shows how I relied on my intuition, and considered the impact of synchronistic events in major decisions. Everyone will have different experiences with meaningful coincidences since by their nature they are profoundly personal. Here is a link to the book's website to read about mine.

5. Keep an open and relaxed mind. Nothing happens when you're uptight and worried. I know this for a fact! Let go of overthinking. This seems self-evident but it is crucial to not get consumed with fear, doubt, and worry. One of the worst travesties in life is if opportunity knocks and you can't hear it due to the noise in your own head. Methods that help quiet the mind are to meditate, go for a run, walk in nature, take a swim, or stroll around a sleepy neighborhood can help you listen to the whisper of your intuition.

6. Get in touch with your inner self. Be self aware. If you are not in tune than you are cut off from the significance of what just occurred, and you might not notice an inner rush of energy, heed a chill running down your spin, or followup on an insight that lit up your imagination for just a few seconds. These are examples of sensations that can physically happen when your intuition is activated. The more you pay attention to your inner universe the more your capabilities mature. Even as a federal criminal appeals attorney, in my preliminary read through the district court record, I relied on that quickening of internal energy to indicate a potential issue to raise on appeal and where further research in the law was warranted.

7. Embrace the mystery of it. You do not have to figure it all out. Enjoy the moment. Then begin the process of integrating those meaningful coincidences into your life. Our intuition should be honored in society, and not spoken of pejoratively or linked to charlatans occultists. I've been a tarot readings for over 40-years and never committed a crime. Grifters and con artists do masquerade as psychics, however many occupations and professions can be infiltrated by nefarious people. Based on my 14-years in criminal law practice, I know this for a fact.

Christina Leimer, an intuitive sociologist writes, "In industrialized, materialist Western culture though, intuition is denigrated and denied or relegated to the fringe—which is why we don’t talk about it. Some forms of intuition are used in psychotherapeutic healing or in spiritual counseling. And of course there are studies of the paranormal and groups that focus on dreams or other psi phenomena. But in the main, intuition doesn’t have an acceptable place in modern secular mainstream life." Christina Leimer, Ph.D Sociology. Here is a link to her website:

Today, I shared a few tips about making the most of your intuition and plan to provide more insights in future blogs. It is an important subject and time for our society to change. Our intuitive ability is a hidden gem to be mined and polished bright. This inner light should be utilized with pride.

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