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God-King Macho-Man

It appears there is an unparalleled preference for an authoritarian strongman around the world and, unfortunately, here too in the United States. Given the tough-guy subject matter of this blog, I took the gloves off, don't pull my punches, and name names. So be prepared.

What some call "Trump-porn" on social media showcases fantastical images of this hard-core criminal as a beefed-up Adonis wrapped in an American flag, or soaring with eagles amongst the clouds, Sky God like. While he occupied the Oval Office the myth of his supercharged masculinity was maintained with high testosterone, angry rallies, and magnified by his youthful, soft-porn wife and their young son. Machismo in a strongman has to discharge its heated energy somehow and now Donald has out maneuvered and verbally manhandled everyone in his way to regain the office and, perhaps, help himself stay out of prison. Hence, his milquetoast detractors and former friends, now foes, are reduced to writing books to express how much they loath the man, or are under indictment for crimes centered around him.

The recent Haberman, Savage, and Swan article in the New York Times about what another Trump term as "President" would be like failed to take into account the pseudo-religious 2nd coming of Trumpism and its inevitable goal. Within his base is a fervor the journalist and pundits wrongly term a cult of personality. Actually, it is more akin to a devotional cult. As pastor, Charles Pace said, “Donald Trump is the anointed of God. He is the battering ram that God is using to bring down the Deep State of Babylon.” Even Trump's campaign made a direct link between himself and David Koresh, the American cleric of the Branch Davidians, a religious sect of the Seventh Day Advents, and infamous for the siege at Waco, Texas, the very place Trump kicked off his 2024 presidential campaign.

In addition, he brought the telegenic, female televangelist, Paula White into the White House during his 1st occupation. As the chair of his evangelical advisory board, she appealed to and could fundraise off America's post-Jesus, white nationalists who were attracted to her prosperity theology. For his part, he anointed, excuse me, he nominated anti-abortion judges to the Supreme Court and federal bench, and levied a policy assault on asylum seekers, immigrants, and minorities. In return, Paula helped amplify his "halo effect" to ensure this religious right-wing base would give him their money, vote, and eventually their loyalty and forgiveness for his criminal conduct. It doesn't matter if he's convicted, and incarcerated, although a small group of evangelicals have recently pledged support for someone who is not under indictment.

You see, most MAGAs have bestowed on a singular man the designation reserved for the divine right of European kings. Trump's charisma is undeniable, but coupled with a self-serving deification would enshrine him with total unaccountability by any American institution; not by Congress, the courts, or opposing voters. In fact, there will be no opposition. The executive branch will be stacked with "yes" people in a regime where facts and law are considered mostly irrelevant. All that would matter is the diabolical scheme to ensure Trump and his kind will reign forever. Certainly, a man or woman who loves power more than country will weld it through the Insurrection Act, which grants a President, as the Commander in Chief, the ability to call up the US military to quell a domestic insurrection or an invasion. This order is not reviewable by the courts. So, keep the God-King Macho-Man image in mind when you hear Trump's toxic, uber-masculine rhetoric as he wages a stochastic terrorism assault on the supremacy of the Constitution of the United States, our rule of law, and anyone who gets in his way.

I am reminded of the tarot card, The Emperor, who expresses a divine and earthly authority. Traditionally depicted as a man wearing a crown and adorned in other regalia as he sits on a throne, this card is the IV or 4th in the Suit of Trumps that begins with 0 and ends at 21. I prefer the sequencing and equivalence to the Hebrew alphabet, which is numbered 1-22 and renders this card associated with the 5th letter, “Hei", which sounds like an “h” as in "hay". Her numerical value is also 5, and the symbolic/spiritual meanings are "Window” “To Behold” and “Light”. These three terms also demonstrate The Emperor’s positive qualities, such as a charismatic, benevolent leader whom people long to connect to and foresee a bright future in his reign. Other favorable terms are; "Father figure, Generous protector, Law and order”. However, The Emperor's negative aspects include “Control freak, Immaturity, Little to no moral and ethical discipline, Lawlessness, Loss of formal authority, Highly manipulative. Mean, Revengeful". Of course, the Emperor card can relate to a woman, however, these dark traits remind me of a would-be Emperor Trump. He is a sociopathic man who lacks compassion and empathy, a void his fans excuse as being only for sissies and not for strongmen. Although, for supposedly being a rich strongman, he sure acts as a poor, besieged victim.

To learn more about the Hebrew letters and their relationship to Tarot, check out the STREET SMARTS page on this website. Back to Trump; remember when he was referred to as, "The Donald". It was telling about his noble sense of himself. There is a similar grammatical structure for the word "the" in the Hebrew language and it involves the letter Hei. When she begins a noun it amplifies the standard word she is attached to and turns it's meaning into something extra special. For example, Jews no longer pronounce the Tetragrammaton, or the Holy 4-letter Hebrew name of God, in blessings or prayers. Instead it's replaced by the word, Adoni or Lord. In everyday speech some use the term HaShem, which starts with a Hei and means, "The Name” where the Hei elevates the noun so "The Name" is God, and not to be used in vain.

The Emperor card teaches us to take heed of the kind of people we are drawn to as leaders. This person is a window to the level of civilization and humanity within one's heart. Does he emulate your morals and ethics, or do you turn a blind eye to a hard-core criminal's crimes and corruption? Will this individual lead you to have a balanced and safe life, or take you down the dark side of the street, lie to you, and then steal your wallet and perhaps your wife? So, ask yourself; who is in charge of your life? Are you stepping over your own red lines and principles to follow him?

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