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Create an Authentic Life

It is meaning to our lives that we look for. We strive to give purpose to the circumstances we find ourselves in from moment to moment. Street Tarot serves as a frame of mind to view the world and glean information about your experiences. Awareness in the everyday waking state can expand if operated with insights arising from meaningful coincidences, our collective unconsciousness and your psyche. Armed with an inventory of traditional symbolic attributions and personal signs and wonders, you can better assess matters and make plans to shape your unique future.

Street Tarot is a mental tool to sharpen your awareness. Its utility relies on your curiosity, to do research, and to pay attention to your dreams and synchronistic occurrences, or those seemingly improbable but highly meaningful coincidences. Also, contemplate symbols which resonate with you, don't feel threatened by the non-ordinary instead learn from it, look deeper into your affinity to fictional or mythic characters, and notice when you well-up with a positive emotion. Permit these types of phenomenon and sensations to come to the forefront and then act on your insights and intuitions. I followed my inner voice of wisdom and symbolic trails to become a hand bookbinder and then master six divine directives. One was to become a lawyer and I fashioned my career as a federal criminal appeals attorney after Sherlock Holmes. If you don't already know, he is the world's first consulting detective and a fiction. Meanwhile, that legal practice of mine laster almost 14-years. So, whether you’re concerned about the next 5-minutes or have a long term plan, it is paramount to put your new found knowledge into operation. Talk to people and share with them about your multi-faceted realms of experience. With details from your archetypical makeup, your dreamscapes, personal heroes, and symbols, you're more able to evaluate and discern the next step to create an authentic lifestyle for yourself.

"You must have self confidence, no matter where you are" is a quote attributed to Ip Man, a Grandmaster Martial Artist and teacher of Bruce Lee. However, it is not easy to be so self assured. Life changes, conflicts occur, there are disappointments, seemingly few rewards, sad times and unfairness in the world. The going can get rough, which makes Street Tarot a continuing endeavor. You may feel you're in a rut or almost defeated without a well worn path to follow. I am fortunate to have a loving and supportive family, but it happens to me too. Not being a pious person, I must develop my faith and the fortitude to stay true to myself. When inclined to abandon my efforts, an affirmation pushes me forward, "The Divine will help me make a way where there seems to be no way. The Divine helps me take the right turn in the road".

A key component to Street Tarot is to acknowledge "the self does not stop at the skin”. I first heard the phrase from Charles Laughlin, an anthropology professor at Carlton University, in Ottawa, Canada, who was integral to my academic and mystical growth. I implicitly understood what his saying meant. As an identical twin there is a seemingly ethereal bond between my sister and me. It extends to all of us and joins us to each other. Because the mind is non-local, we are not completely contained in our brain or by our skin. We are social beings, who do not naturally hibernate or stay alone for long periods of time. For sure, aloneness can reveal us to ourselves. In some instances it is a must. But loneliness is a difficult way to know oneself. Apparently, a more attractive approach is through the “Other’.

Street Tarot relies on this transpersonal connectedness to receive impressions, and then make inferences. Some believe we are thusly joined to all sentient beings. Utilizing Street Tarot's methodology will create compassion for all life forms and forge a moral compass to further guide you. With a proper attitude new non-human associations can "come alive" to aid in the "reading" of a symbol or coincidental event. Although everyone has the capacity to be a tarot card reader, many do not have the time or inclination to do so. You don't need to. Street Tarot is a term of mine. A professional reader for over 40-years, I do suggest getting a good reference book such as; J.C Cooper's 'An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols'. Along with some research and lots of practice you can develop your own subjective meanings to enhance common interpretations. I'll post some insights at the first of each month here too, or more if current events require a posting. So, please check-in.

A second key element is to be ruthlessly honest with yourself. This means a healthy dose of skepticism is recommended. For Street Tarot to really work learn to trust your intuition. Don't let stupidity run deep and delude yourself about what's meaningful and what is not. The tarot card often associated with delusions is the Moon, which cannot generate it's own light and is either dark or reflective of the sun. In practical terms if your insights are not based on credible grounds than you're in the dark and headed for trouble unless you act discerningly. Here are two examples to illustrate my point: 1) if your ex-boyfriend now suddenly parts his hair on the left, it isn't necessarily a symbolic gesture to get back together after a17-year breakup; and 2) if a person tells you the wind said the 2020 election was stolen because Dominion voting machines were rigged by Venezuelans to favor Joe Biden, you should reconsider them reliable.

Street Tarot engages with the ‘Other’ to learn, grow, and blossom, not to deceive and defraud people. Requisite to forming a relationship with another is to first perceive them, focus on the moment, and then contemplate on whether to integrate them directly or symbolically into your life. In this co-dependent sense of process, we must see each other as having a soul, that spark of divine light. Animals, birds, plants have a soul too, and even the most evil person has a smidgen of one. Most important is to try to honor all beings. In Hebrew this is known as Kavod, which translates directly as weight; as in giving weight or honor, and respect. Kavod is a mysterious word because it also recognizes the glory of God. It implies transcending a personality consumed with self-centeredness to acknowledge the ‘Other’. Of course, to wholesomely honor yourself is a must.

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Street Tarot
Street Tarot


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