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Tips To Make the Most of Meaningful Coincidences

From the April 1, 2024 Blog

1. Pay attention when you say, "What are the odds of that happening".

2. Ask yourself, "What am I supposed to do or learn right now?"

3. Begin to journal your dreams and synchronistic events. 

4. Trust your intuitions and then take action. 

5. Keep an open and relaxed mind.

6. Get in touch with your inner self.

7. Embrace the mystery of it. . . . 


Street Tarot Side Street

Inner Voice

- by Rabbi Zvi Freeman 

For the April 1, 2024 Blog

There is an outer world and there is an inner world. As deep as you penetrate, as high as you reach, there is always something breathing inside.

The outer world is made of things. Breathing inside the things are words.

Words are the outside. Inside the words are stories.

The story is the outside. Inside the story is a thought.

Thoughts are the outside. Inside the thoughts is a great light.

At the origin of all light is the beginning that cannot be known.

The outside we can touch and come to know.

The inside—we must wait and be still, so that it may speak to us

As it did at Sinai. As it does whenever we learn Torah with all our heart and soul.


leather hand bound books Myra Mossman

Hand Bound Leather Books by Myra Mossman

Hebrew Letter and the Tarot

This section shows excerpts of the latest discussion on this topic. It will develop and grow in up-coming posts. The date is when the Hebrew letter and tarot card were featured in my Street Tarot blog. 

Bet (Vet) and the Magician - March 1, 2024

I am reminded of the tarot card, The Magician. Its beneficial aspect is manifestation through effective communication which helps us achieve our goals and connect to people. Generally, this card is depicted with the symbols of the four suits of the tarot displayed on a table before a practitioner. These demonstrate his or her resourcefulness. In turn, the figure represents a divine messenger: the Greek god Mercury, an angel, or prophet whose intentions are for the good. A bad aspect of this card is in the misguided use of the power of speech. How we talk to others and especially to ourselves can be destructive or transformative. . . .

Hebrew Letter Bet
The Magician Tarot Card

Kabbalistic Number for

The Magician is 2

Hebrew Letter


Author Myra Mossman Photo

"While deep in study something seemingly miraculous can arise. In the metaphorical dark cave of contemplations an oh so fleetingly flicker of light appears. It is a flash of awareness from my intuition. One's mind fills with new ideas. I can feel a flow of heightened energy coursing through me. My body heats up in its rush. To fully appreciate this phenomenon of pure joy, derived from a keener understanding, one might have to shut out the world. Closing off can help us to be aware of the subtle, sublime spark." Myra Mossman, Esq.

Seasons may come and go but streets often stay the same. This principal goes for the website's logo. It's background colors and design elements will change in accordance with the solstices and equinoxes but the name will always be "Street Tarot." 


My Random Death front cover

Myra Mossman is the nationally recognized author and publisher of My Random Death - A Memoir. Her true crime story with a mystical twist takes readers on a journey across North America and into their souls. It is about courage, triumph over evil and how our perceptions of the everyday, ordinary world can deepen. Ultimately it’s about trusting oneself and how the gift of intuition becomes revealed.

My Random Death - A Memoir is Myra's debut book.

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