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The Willing Isolationist

Posted November 1, 2023

Some of us are called to leave the ordinary, everyday, work world and isolate from others. History is replete with individuals who find it necessary to live outside of their community, even if it is only for awhile. Whether to create a space to contemplate, heal, make music, paint, or write, some folks are not exactly social beings everyday, all of the time. As a twin, I personally had a fascination with aloneness from a young age and developed a deep inner universe full of questions, wonder, and where books kept me company.

Stick your head in the sand about politics, or prefer to not watch the news about the ruthless massacre of Israelis; although understandable, this is not the types of social isolation at focus here. Alan Paton's poem on the SIDE STREET page of this website speaks to those concerns. Rather, of interest is a particular kind of isolating that hinges on one's intention. I'm reminded of the tarot card The Hermit. Traditionally, he is depicted as a contemplative, hooded old man who holds a shinning lantern atop a mountain. He's not up there because he hates people. On the contrary, he will become a beacon of light in the darkness for many. You see, The Hermit willingly isolates to "receive" knowledge, which is what Kabbalah means in Hebrew. But the Hermit has a simultaneous obligation to return to the city he once seemingly abandoned to dispense his recently obtained insights and wisdom. . . . 

The Magician by Welz-Stein

Tarot of Mystical Moments Deck by Catrin Welz-Stein

Fools Are Everywhere!

Posted October 1, 2023

An intuition arose to write a blog about the tarot card, The Fool. When not working on the draft, I noticed fools began to appear everywhere! Here are just two of many examples: 1)A British detective series to my surprise had an episode with a tarot reader and the first card pulled from the 78-card deck was The Fool; and 2) in a 1940's film noir movie on YouTube, someone was called a "fool" at the 6-minute mark, and again at 21:51, and within minutes of the ending someone called someone else a fool three more times. Anyway, back to my story and my blog. These "fool" coincidences are little signs that let me know I am on the right street and not foolishly going the wrong way in my writings.

The traditional tarot card depicts The Fool as a vagabond carrying a stick over one shoulder with a sack of meager belongings tied to the end. The boy radiates happiness, looking up at the sky, as he sets out on an adventure. It's a sunny day, yet, with the next step is about to walk off the edge a cliff. Meanwhile, a dog at his leg tries to get his attention and warn of the danger. Speaking of cliffs, lately, I've noticed there are a few TV ads with things, people, trucks, or whatever near the edge of one. Not only fools, but cliffs are everywhere, literally and figuratively! Be careful...  

The Star by Welz-Stein

Tarot of Mystical Moments Deck by Catrin Welz-Stein


Author Myra Mossman Photo

"While deep in study something seemingly miraculous can arise. In the metaphorical dark cave of contemplations an oh so fleetingly flicker of light appears. It is a flash of awareness. One's mind fills with new ideas. I can feel a flow of heightened energy coursing through me. My body heats up in its rush. To fully appreciate this phenomenon of pure joy, derived from a keener understanding, one might have to shut out the world. Closing off can help us to be aware of the subtle, sublime spark." Myra Mossman.

Seasons may come and go but streets often stay the same. This principal goes for the website's logo. It's background colors and design elements will change in accordance with the solstices and equinoxes but the name will always be "Street Tarot." 


leather hand bound books Myra Mossman

Hand Bound Leather Books by Myra Mossman

The Ego Craves Company While Spirit Wants to Connect in Solitude.

"When you begin to come into a higher knowing of yourself, when you begin to connect deeply with Truth, the need for distractions naturally start to fall away and even the will to be social or engage in the outer life is just not going to be there anymore for a while. Instead you begin to enjoy being with yourself, in nature, and in solitude. . . ." - Maria Erving


Street Tarot Stop

Those who know don’t talk.

Those who talk don’t know.

Close your mouth,

block off your senses,

blunt your sharpness,

untie your knots,

soften your glare,

settle your dust.

This is the primal identity. . . .

- famous quote by Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, Verse 56


My Random Death front cover

Myra is the nationally recognized author and publisher of My Random Death - A Memoir. Her true crime story with a mystical twist takes readers on a journey across North America and into their souls. It is about courage, triumph over evil and how our perceptions of the everyday, ordinary world can deepen. Ultimately it’s about trusting oneself and how the gift of intuition becomes revealed.

My Random Death - A Memoir is Myra's debut book.

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